Online Invoice Portal
Give your customers the ability to see their open invoices through their web browser on their desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.
Online Stock Portal
Let your customers see which of your products are in stock and send your a direct request to order products, all at the touch of a button.
Online Order Portal
Give you customers access to their order history and to create stock enquiries using any past order as a template.
Online CRM Case Access
Let your customers see their open cases, including the latest updates.

Apply for an Account

For the next six months, we're giving businesses the ability to use our portal software completely free of charge. The challenges of lockdown in the UK affect businesses of all sizes and this is our way of offering our support and help.

Make contact with your nearest reseller (see below/opposite) and request your free installation today.

Once access to your systems has been arranged, our installation process will connect your Sage 200 system to ours and your integrated Sage 200 portal should be available within three days.

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Our Sage 200 Online Portal

Developed by our team of eCommerce specialists and developers, working closely with developers from a leading Sage 200 reseller, our Sage 200 portal connects you to your customers with real-time communication and access to data.

Eliminate invoice re-prints, order queries, and stock checks by providing your customers with easy online access to their data.

Available from any desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone with internet access, our portal is robust, secure, and fast. Installable as a local application,

Extra Features

The following additional features are available for customers who want to further upgrade their Gravit-e Go portal.

Add your branding

Make the Gravit-e Go portal your own with you logo, colour scheme, and fonts.

Add additional dashboards

Working directly with one of our team, specify a customised dashboard for your customers based on your Sage 200 or Sage CRM data.